LVK Personal Training

What we do

Personal Training

Over the last 7 years we have been working with a multitude of clients with varying goals and needs.

No extreme diets or extreme exercise regimens here. Just balance.

We are partners in your health and will provide you with tools to work with inside and outside the studio.

We take pride in providing a personalized and specialized service for all of our clients. Every client is treated as an individual. In the training studio we program individually for every client – there is no “one program fits all.

Our facility is run by appointment only – all of our clients work one-on-one with their Coach. This creates a private and personalized environment.

Is Personal Training for you?

Have trouble motivating yourself 3-4 times a week to exercise?

  • Unsure which equipment is best for your needs or how to use it?
  • Are you just “going through the motions” and not achieving results?
  • Have you reached a plateau in your progress?
  • Is it difficult to motivate yourself to try harder each time?

Not sure what to eat to help maintain energy and reach your desired goals?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we can help you do just that!

Our Team of Coaches will create a personalized training and nutritional plan just for you based along your current fitness levels and goals.

Our aim is to make it SIMPLE for you to reach your goals!

Meet with your Coach for sessions anywhere between 1 – 4 times per week, which promotes long-term, sustainable changes and develops trust and results.

We are here to help you achieve your goals, whatever they are. We will do whatever that requires in a supportive way providing you with intelligent methods of training, seriously effective but fun workouts, rehabilitation of any injuries – working alongside medical professionals, meal planning, and tonnes of encouragement – we do NOT scream at or demoralize you in any way.

Because sometimes, it’s hard on your own, right?

Nutritional Coaching

Outdoor Morning Camps

Small Group Training

Rehabilitation Training

Lower Back Strengthening

Pre and Post Natal Fitness

Correct and Proper Form Exercising and Lifting