LVK Personal Training

Terms & Conditions

1. Sessions are 50mins and comprise of various components of a training program specific to the individuals goals as well as nutritional coaching and guidance.
2. The session is reserved for the client and is deemed to have started at the pre-arranged time, any lost time due to late arrival or late start will not be made up at the end of the session. If the client arrives more than 15minutes late for a scheduled appointment, the appointment may be forfeited; this is to the discretion of the Coach.
3. You will be assigned a Coach to conduct your sessions, however LVK Personal Training (“LVK PT”) reserves the right to make a change to the assigned Coach at any time.

1. Minimum 3 month contract.
2. A session is 45mins and is made up of various components of a training program as seen fit by the Coach relevant to the client’s personal goals.
3. The session will be deemed to have started at the pre-arranged time, any lost time due to late arrival or late start, will not be made up at the end of a session. If the client arrives more than 15minutes late for a scheduled appointment, the appointment may be forfeited; this is to the discretion of the Coach.
4. A Membership is defined as a period of 1 calendar month commencing on the 1st of the month and ending on the last day of that month.
5. Booking of classes is done through a user account via our booking system Goteamup. Classes can be booked up to 2 hours before the commencement of a class except for the 7am or 8am classes when cut off to book a class is 10pm the previous evening.
6. Please note Goteamup will block a user from booking classes if payment is not received by 1st of the month.

1. Payment of fees will be made in advance of the commencement of any program. LVK PT reserves the right to finalise a client’s program and cancel a client’s slot in the event that these payment terms are breached in any way.
2. Fees can be settled in cash at the practice, or by setting up a standing order to reach us by no later than the 1st of each month. Cheques are not accepted.

1. Participants may be required to have medical clearance if deemed necessary by their PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) and health history information.
2. LVK PT cannot be held responsible for any injury incurred during training if the participant has not completed the relevant PAR-Q documentation truthfully. All medical conditions and/or current or previous injuries should be disclosed and discussed.
3. LVK PT reserves the right to finalise a program if a client is unable to continue to train due to a medical condition which prevents their progress and is therefore not able to reserve their slots indefinitely. As such upon returning to a training programme your original training slot will not be guaranteed.


Personal Training

If you are unable to make a session and give less than 48hrs notice the session will be lost. This is only applicable to on a one-to-one personal training basis.
If more than one person shares a personal training session (except in the case of TRIBE – Semi Private Training sessions) and one of the clients cancel their session (within the notice period of not) the session will continue with the others and the client will lose the allocation of that session. No other sessions will be provided nor can sessions be carried forward.

Tribe – (Semi Private Training Program)

a) you may unregister from a Tribe session through Goteamup by up to 24hours before the start of the class and the session will be credited back to you. If unregistering of class takes place within 24hrs of the start of a class the session will be forfeited and no refund of the session or refund will be made. All sessions must be used within the relevant calendar month and any sessions unclaimed will be lost at the end of that month.

b) Any changes to a membership for the following month must be notified to Lorraine van Kleef in writing (email, SMS or Whatsupp) by no later than 26th of the current month.

c) Change to a membership is only allowed 3 times a year.

In the event of the Coach falling ill or being unable to conduct your session, we will notify you as soon as we are made aware by the Coach. An alternative Coach may be appointed to your session; your session may be cancelled and returned back to you; or an alternative session arranged with you in due course.

Notwithstanding the above, LVK PT reserves the right to re-arrange and cancel any session or class at any time should the need arise. In such instances the Coach will endeavour to give as much notice as possible.

Each package will run for the number of sessions consecutively as per the chosen package but in any case will expire within 4 weeks from the full term of the package (excluding bank holidays) if not used.

1. All clients must bring a towel for use on equipment in the studio. In the event that a client does not bring in a towel LVK PT will provide one at a rental cost of £5.
2. Sessions may be recorded, filmed or photographed for promotional or marketing purposes.
3. LVK PT reserves the right to close their practice during weekends, bank holidays and other festive holidays.
4. Any complaints or grievances, or alternatively comments or testimonials should be emailed to

Strictly no refunds shall be given on any unused portions of your sessions /memberships and your sessions cannot be transferred to another person.

You will participate in sessions at your own risk. LVK PT shall not be liable for:

1. Death or personal injury except to the extent that death or personal injury arises from any negligence on our part; or
2. Loss, damage to or theft of personal property.

You will be responsible for ensuring you are fit and well to attend a session and we advise that you undergo a medical examination prior to commencing any physical programme. If it is deemed necessary from the replies provided in the PARQ you may be asked to provide medical clearance prior to induction and commencement of any sessions.

I acknowledge that LVK PT has the right to request from me and process personal data (including sensitive personal data) in connection with my consultation. This may include contact information, information about my or my family’s health, eating habits and other relevant information. I agree that I shall upon request promptly supply such information.

Your Personal Data held as described above will not be disclosed to any party other than as expressly permitted under these Terms and otherwise only with your prior consent. We may however need to disclose such Personal Data to the extent required by law or order of court or government authority.

By accepting these Terms you are agreeing to providing such consent as defined above.

Your Personal Data will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act applicable at any time.

Under the current Act you have the right to access your Personal Data held by us and it is your responsibility to ensure such data remains accurate. You also have the right to object to your Personal Data being used for direct marketing and you agree to provide us with a written request to us should you wish to enforce these rights.

LVK PT reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions from time to time by updating this notice. You will be notified of any such amendments by directing you to view the same on our website. This is an offer made by LVK PT to you, under which you are invited to browse, peruse and interact with our website for your own personal edification, guidance, information and communication with LVK PT.

I agree to these terms and confirm that I have read, understood and answered the above survey/questions fully and truthfully. I undertake to notify LVK PT at once of any changes in my health conditions. I further understand that by signing this document, I am agreeing to be legally bound to LVK PT and accept that failure to comply with the terms herein may, in LVK PT’s discretion, deem my sessions null and void and non-refundable. I hereby waive and release LVK PT of any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against LVK PT.