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Outdoor Early Morning Camps

early_morning_campsOur RIPPED Fitcamps will have you start your day totally energized and buzzing! We aim to provide you with a personal training experience within a group training environment that has loads of variety, challenges and is laden with fun!

We specialize in strength and metabolic training and focus on increasing your lean muscle mass so you’ll lower your body fat percentage and improve your balance, coordination, posture and overall health.

The early morning air is clean from pollution and the quietness of the morning provides for a total workout treat!

Locations will vary depending on the time of the year from beaches, to parks, picnic boulevards to plazas.

Our camps run every month from March to November and are bundled into monthly programs. This means you would sign up for a month at a time.   Each month will have 8 sessions, 2 sessions a week. These are held on Tuesday and Friday mornings between 06:30 – 07:30am.

If you are interested in joining us when we restart our program click on this link.