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“LVK Personal Training provides a no gimmicks, no fads, passion driven quality service to each and every client through its highly professional and fully qualified coaches offering nothing less than excellence and a bespoke service.”


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  • “I have been dieting most of my life with lots of ups and downs and I have never ever liked to do any kind of exercise, not even power-walking, as I was too embarrassed about my whole appearance. Nearly 2 years ago now, it was my 50th birthday and I was feeling really low. It was then that my daughter suggested trying a work out with her personal trainer, Lorraine. We started off with basic exercises and as my fitness increased the exercises became more advanced. I am now doing exercises I would have never thought myself capable of. She designed a personal nutrition plan, which we customised together where I was able to enjoy a diverse and satisfying array of food.

    In just under two years I have lost over 20 kilos and increased my fitness level. It seems like a dream come true for someone like me who hated exercise, to look forward to going to the gym so often. Lorraine always makes the time to listen to my queries and reinforce my training. She is extremely patient and has a tremendously positive outlook with regards to my progress and whatever the future has in store for us. The sessions are fun, diverse, challenging and extremely informative. Lorraine has equipped me with the essential tools I need to lead a healthy life style, she has truly given me my confidence back.”

    Lidia Baldachino –
  • “Having just finished this past week a Small Group Training 6 week program with Lorraine I have to say that it has surpassed my expectations. After having trained with her on a 1-1 basis for a while I wasn’t sure whether I would enjoy SGT as much. Not only have the SGT sessions been carefully planned fun and varied but also Lorraine has been able to respond to the demands and needs of each individual in the group. She was quickly able to assess our strengths and weaknesses after the first session and was able to ‘push’ each one of us. By the end of the 6 weeks I feel stronger and fitter and more positive.”

    Marlene Dalli – Teacher, Westside School
  • “Lorraine is an outstanding master of her craft, with a never-ending amount of fitness, health and nutritional knowledge. She is warm and passionate about what she does, this shows in the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session.
    She motivates me to push past my limits to get results. My strength, balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I’ve got muscles! And most importantly, working out is now something I really look forward to. I recommend her without hesitation! Lorraine is the standard by which any trainer should be measured.”

    Trish McCoy –
  • “I wanted to lose the excess weight I had gained since giving birth to my son, in particular around my arms and stomach… I was extremely satisfied with the progress in my physical strength and endurance after a few short weeks training with Lorraine and my body is in better shape than it ever has been – I actually have a six-pack AND defined arms!

    Lorraine is incredibly knowledgeable about health and fitness and is a great motivator. I recommend working with her if you are ready to achieve your fitness goals. Lorraine sets me realistic programs to work with when I am training without her.  In addition to the exercise, Lorraine provides nutritional advice, which encourages me to think about my diet.  This has helped me become a healthier, fitter and much happier person.”

    Carrie Bull – Sotogrande, Spain
  • “This year I wanted to change my lifestyle, start training and get fit. With a very busy lifestyle I was finding it hard to find the time, always making up excuses. I joined one of LVK’s SMALL GROUP TRAINING programs this year and it’s the best thing I’ve done!  The training was fun, and suitable for all levels of fitness, because no matter how fit or unfit you are, Lorraine will work alongside you and encourage you to carry push your boundaries. Apart from the training, the program also provided education on nutrition and taught us so many things regarding fitness and food.”

    Rosabell Picardo –
  • “Lorraine was the voice in my head pushing me harder and encouraging me not give up. It is very hard to briefly sum up all the positive changes I achieved with her support and advice. It was hard work, but I consider myself to be in the best shape ever and I owe this to Lorraine. She made the journey appear seamless and encouraged and supported me throughout the process. She made working out my macros easy for me to do, so much so that I now enjoy putting my meals together. She also carefully designed my programme so that it is effective and easy to follow. I could tell Lorraine truly cared about my fitness goals. Results were quick and as the months continued I enjoyed noticing more and more results. Because I saw Lorraine every single week I was motivated  to keep going, she taught me healthy eating habits, the value of exercise and different techniques and the importance of keeping focused on my goal.  I am happier, more confident in myself and I have since recommended Lorraine to many of my friends and colleagues – Lorraine’s constant enthusiasm makes you feel like you are her first ever client!”

    Jonathan Garcia – Senior Associate Isolas
  • “Lorraine invests in her clients: she trains from a private studio, which is a great change from the busy public gym scene which allows for focused time with your coach. She covers a lot of ground from general weight gain/loss, to strength building, to body sculpting, to sport: this lady understands fitness! Every workout is different and interesting, implementing a lot of knowledge, tools, motivation and careful planning. Best thing about Lorraine is she knows her clients’ needs and she makes your goal her goal!”

    Kathleen Victory – Managing Director and Founder, Beta Services Recruitment
  • “Having worked with Lorraine for over six months I found her support and guidance most beneficial.  Her expertise in terms of physical training and nutrition helped me achieve goals in terms of weight loss and fitness above and beyond my expectations.  She is motivational and encouraging without being too rigid and keeps you focused on your goals throughout your time with her.  As a keen tennis player she helped me develop myself in ways that supported this passion, which in turn made the sport more enjoyable for me.  I also suffer with lower back problems and she was able to guide me towards the correct way to work out whilst protecting my back and building on strengthening my core to avoid medical intervention.  I will always be grateful for the lessons she has taught me and would recommend her to anyone that wants to make changes to their life.”

    Caroline Parrot – HR Manager (Fiduciary Management Ltd)
  • “I am coming into my eighth week of my diet plan with Lorraine and I am delighted with the detail and attention that she gives me as a client. From the very first chat I had with her, I knew that she was the right person for me. I came to her because I wanted to learn more about nutrition, as well as put a solid diet plan together to help maximize my exertions in the gym. Lorraine is very generous with her knowledge and will happily give you advice on other aspects of your training, I have no doubt that she will get you to where you want to be.”

    David Smith –
  • “Having had a baby in March I was desperate to lose the baby weight and was struggling to do it on my own.   Lorraine helped me set goals and milestones to work towards which I would not otherwise have achieved.   I’ve been working out with Lorraine now for 4 months and have enjoyed every minute of it.  She works you hard but makes it fun and varied and helps to keep you motivated.  I have now lost a stone and am feeling confident about myself again.  I would definitely recommend Lorraine to other people.”

    Nichola Elliott – Sotogrande, Spain
  • “Lorraine is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to training. She has been an excellent mentor during the whole process. Her knowledge and experience in this field has been apparent throughout sessions, where she ensured to add variety to her training methods, making training exciting. Aside from the training, Lorraine has also guided me through diet plans, which were always realistic and met my needs. If you are well and truly committed to making a lifestyle change, I strongly recommend working with Lorraine without any reservation.”

    Claire Nuñez – 2nd Princess Miss Gibraltar 2014
  • “Lorraine has been an inspiration all my life. She has always been passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings. She has an easy-going, patient, friendly personality. Her extensive knowledge and experience in fitness and nutrition together with her commitment to her work and clients provides the perfect scenario for success. Lorraine you have always believed in me and you are always there to push and motivate me when I need it the most. I have never felt stronger, happier and healthier! I am blessed to have you in my life!”

    Kelly Romero – Dental Hygienist
  • “I am very happy to recommend Lorraine to all my friends. My colleagues have noticed my size reduction and I feel much better and healthier than I used to.  Lorraine has helped me immensely and has given me great advice and support at all times. She is a lovely person to work with. I intend to live my future with all the recommendations I have learnt through her personal training.”

    Roseanne Mesilio – Social Security Department, Government of Gibraltar
  • “If you are ready to turn your life around, LVK is the best trainer to help you make it happen. Lorraine is patient while pushing you to achieve your best! You will never be bored with her workouts as they are never the same- she keeps your interest while working every muscle. In addition to the quality of her training she has a wonderful personality and is a pleasure to work with. Don’t worry if you are out of shape. I was, and I still have a long way to go to reach the level of fitness I want to achieve and then maintain. If you want to feel great and actually start to enjoy exercising, Lorraine can make that happen for you like she has for me.”

    Gillian Casciaro – Banker
  • “Lorraine has given me a helping hand (and voice), being on medication that puts weight on is every woman’s nightmare.  Seeing Lorraine every week made sure that even when I was feeling low, it would not be long until I was up and ready for my next physical (and mental) challenge! With Lorraine’s help, I know what I need to be doing weekly when it comes to exercising and nutrition, although I don’t always follow her great advice (especially with alcohol!) but I do understand the principles and it all makes sense, there is nothing difficult, hard or extreme in what she says, you have to think about what you eat and drink and be prepared weekly so you don’t make the wrong choices for you.

    Her outdoor group Fitcamps have been fantastic (I took part in July, August and September) and whereas friends of mine have put weight on over the Summer, I have maintained mine, which is normally impossible if you like a glass of cold white wine (like me lol). Lorraine achieves fantastic results and I am now fitter and stronger then when I started training with her, but it is not just a physical strength, it is a mental one too.  I know what I need to do, so there are no excuses, Lorraine does her part of the deal and I need to do mine!!”

    Bua Malamalatabua – Secretary – Isolas
  • “The gym isn’t for everyone, and it certainly wasn’t for me until I joined Lorraine Van Kleef PT. She makes training diverse and fun, every session is different! She’s a great motivator and mentor who believes in every one of her clients! It’s still early days for me but I’m 100% certain I will never look back!”

    Rachel Asquez – Information Analyst at GHA
  • “Before training with Lorraine I had been going from one unhealthy diet to another. Lorraine has educated me on the importance of clean eating and I no longer need to be on a diet to maintain my weight. She has helped me change my lifestyle and I am now a healthier and happier person thanks to her.  She makes the training so much fun and sets a tailored program to suit my personal needs and goals.

    Lorraine is an amazing, experienced and knowledgeable trainer, and is always available for advice. She thrives on helping out and this is transmitted during all sessions.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to my friends.”

    Melaine Garcia – Manager - Financial Services Commission – Gibraltar
  • “In February 2012 I began my fitness journey with Lorraine while I was competing for Miss Gibraltar. I had lost a significant amount of weight in the lead up to the competition and felt I needed to tone up and learn about healthy nutrition. These sessions were extremely informative as she assessed my fitness level and suggested the best, most accessible ways to achieve my aims. Needless to say, I looked exactly as I had wished on stage and truly enjoyed showing off my achievements. During my year as Miss Gibraltar, Lorraine designed a personalised programme card with exercises designed to prepare me for the lead up to Miss World. She also advised me on adequate nutrition to compliment my busy yet healthy life.

    In just over two years my fitness levels and my love of exercise have increased tremendously thanks to Lorraine. She keeps my training programme fresh and exciting and constantly raises her expectations of me for maximum effect. She always makes time to answer my queries no matter how trivial they may be and provides the reassurance I need to continue training with confidence. My fitness aims have definitely evolved in the last two years and Lorraine has been there to maintain my standards high every step of the way. In my opinion the support she provides mentally and physically along with her positive attitude makes her the ideal trainer.”

    Jessica Baldachino – Miss Gibraltar 2012


Lorraine van Kleef